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2010 April Fools Jokes & More

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Top Confirmed Pranks For April 1, 2010:
Google Changes Its Name To Topeka - Google's annual April Fools Jokes are always cool ... this year for its prank, Google changed its name to Topeka (city in Kansas), and Google.Com was titled "Topeka" instead of "Google," still with its distinctive blue-red-yellow-green font. Why? Because in March, Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten announced that he was informally changing the name of his town to "Google," just for one month ... more
YouTube announces that you can now watch your videos in text - why bother with HD or regular video which eats up bandwidth costs and cuts into their bottomline; instead you should watch your videos on YouTube in text-only mode, or TEXTp ... more
Starbucks offers giant and micro-sized coffee cups - Starbucks will introduce two new beverage sizes in stores in the U. S. and Canada this Fall - Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz) cups .... more

2010 April Fools Jokes, Pranks & Hoaxes!

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