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Warning: We won't be held responsible for jokes or pranks that you try but which backfire or get you in trouble. Try them at your own risk!

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Balloon over the muffler: Get a balloon and put it on the tailpipe of a car or other motor vehicle. Make sure the car isn't already on! When the car is started the ballon give a nice big pop.

Superglue coins to the sidewalk: Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has good traffic with a lot of people walking around. Lay the trap in an appropriate place, then watch people break fingernails trying to take up the coins!

Beach towel: Your victim has to be at the beach lying on their towel. Wait for them to get up and leave for a few minutes then pick up their towel and dig a hole where their head and upper body would rest on the towel. Put the towel back carefully in position over the hole. When they plop back on their towel, lets hope they don't get hurt!

Do you see it: Go to a busy street corner with some friends (who are in on it of course) and begin pointing up to the top of a tall building, or just point up to the sky. Watch to see how many people come up to your group and try to see what you all are looking at.

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