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April 1, 2005: Maynard Keenan of the band, Tool, announced as an April Fool's joke—to the shock of many of his fans and friends—that he had "found Jesus" and would be abandoning the recording of the new Tool album temporarily and possibly permanently. Kurt Loder of MTV contacted Keenan via email to ask for a confirmation and received a very nonchalant confirmation. When Loder asked again, Keenan's response was simply "heh heh."

April 1, 1999: The Wall of Sound music website reported that Britney Spears was actually eleven years older than popularly believed, making her 28 instead of 17. The revelation followed on the heels of a controversial cover for Rolling Stone which had shown the young Spears in a seductive pose. The Wall of Sound's report included many specific details. For instance, it alleged that Spears was actually born Belinda Sue Spearson in West Baton Rouge on August 7, 1970, and that she had attended Robert E. Lee High School. Former classmates were said to be willing to confirm Spears' true age. The hoax prompted hundreds of people to call Spears' record label inquiring about her age.

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